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Queen of the Meadow

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Shampoo Bar is the most convenient shampoo ever! This nice little bar of herbal shampoo will go with you wherever you need to take it... across town, to the campsite, or around the world. Of course it can always stay at home with you...

- easy to travel with
- cleans, conditions, tones, and nourishes your hair and scalp
- encourages scalp circulation
- restores lost moisture
- maintains colored hair longer
- stimulates hair growth

- 100% plant based
- SLS free
- gluten free
- cruelty free
- sustainably made off grid

How to transition to a plant based shampoo
If you have never used a plant based shampoo you will more likely be going through some adjusting time. Read more here...

Eco-friendly packaging
The Shampoo Bar comes naked with a label pinned to it. Zero waste! Store it in a travel container and it is ready to go!

saponified oils: olive, coconut, jojoba, shea nut butter, cocoa butter*, castor oil*, avocado oil*, and argan oil*; coconut cream*, beeswax, essential oil blend


This biodegradable shampoo bar is safe for septic systems, lakes, and rivers. Take it along on your outdoor adventures.

Additional benefits (what we leave out of our products)
- NO petroleum based preservatives

- NO synthetics, colors, or emulsifiers
- NO harsh chemicals
- NO alcohols