Throat Chakra Oil

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Visshudha, which means “sacred” or “especially pure”, is the center from which we speak our Truth and through which the Divine manifests through creativity and open self-expression. Many people today have trouble with this center because we are asked in so many ways to obscure who we truly are in favor of the status quo and normalcy. People who stand out from the patriarchal mold are ridiculed rather than lauded and told to quiet down and put themselves away so as not to make others uncomfortable.

This is also the Chakra that is said to transform spiritual essence (amrita) into either a poison that leads to degeneration and disease, or into the nectar that becomes wisdom and gives long life. Openness, developing spiritual discrimination, deep self-examination, and living with honesty are what lead to a healthy throat chakra. Guilt and Shame close this center off and make it difficult to open again, leaving it weakened and underdeveloped.

Amethyst, Pyrite, Amazonite, and other stones that help with authenticity and emotional protection will help this center become more healthy, and herbs like Lavender, Sage, Marshmallow, and Calendula will also benefit you. Using protective herbs like Barberry in a charm with eggshell is useful.