Third Eye Chakra Oil

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Also called Ajna (“Perception” or “Command”), this is one of the Chakras associated with our Intuition and ability to perceive subtle energies and spirits. The various channels through which our vital forces flow (nadies) converge in this center and unify the Serpent Energies of the Kundalini, providing us with balance, insight, and psychic vision. It also allows us to experience nondual consciousness and total unity. When it is in balance it also helps to provide clarity of vision and purpose.

When it is out of balance this Chakra can lead to dizziness, faulty memory, and headaches, but also manifestations of overly masculine or feminine traits, excessive energy which cannot be focused, and trust issues without cause. The overall description would be a feeling of being “clouded”. You may also suffer from delusional thinking and difficulty telling reality from fiction.

Smoke medicine is particularly effective for Ajna, fumigating with Sage, Juniper, Cedar, Rosemary, Tree Resins, etc. Stones for this center include Amethyst, Iolite, Malachite, Peridot, Blue Apatite, and Fluorite. Unlike the lower Chakras, in most people this center is inactive and they are unaware of how the energies that flow through the Third Eye effect their body. When checking into yourself be aware of when you have moments of clarity and key into them; it will help to open your Eye.