Lucifer Oil

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Lucifer holds a lot of fear for many people, particularly here in Albuquerque where our Catholic population is pretty large. He is considered the Great Adversary, the Lord of all Evil, and the ultimate villain. For us, though, Lucifer is the Bringer of Light (Illumination). Lucifer itself is the name of a Greek deity, the embodiment of the Morning Star, or Venus. In this way, Lucifer is an androgynous being, both male and female simultaneously, something fluidly flowing between and around those labels and never becoming wholly one nor the other. Lucifer is freedom incarnate, and helps to break the chains that hold our minds, hearts, and spirits captive in systems of oppression. The Oil is a powerful aid in finding one's sovereignty and becoming fully conscious and intentional, thus leading to one's ultimate freedom and communion with the Most Sovereign Self.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Peach Quartz, Fresh Water Pearl, Serpentine Round, Black FEather, Broken Chain, Chrysanthemum Flower, Feather Charm, Chaparral Oil, and Essential Oils of Tuberose and Amyris.