Scylla Oil

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Scylla was a naiad, sometimes described as the daughter of Hekate, who caught the eye of the Sea God Glaucus. Unfortunately for Scylla, Glaucus had caught the eye of the jealous sorceress Circe. In order to protect her romantic endeavors from competition, Circe brewed a powerful poison and poured it into the pool where Scylla bathed, thus turning her into a terrifying monster with six heads attached to long, snaking necks, tentacle-like legs, and a waist ringed by the heads of dogs.

Our oil is formulated to help with Body Positivity (who doesn't feel like a tentacle monster every now and again?) and Sex Positivity. A blend of charms and essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Rose, and Jasmine help to increase feelings of self love, sensuality, and awareness, hleping you to feel REAL GOOD about you, your body, and your sexy bits.