Baba Yaga Oil

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Inspired by female monsters who have historically been misrepresented, this collection aims to support and empower you!

BABA YAGA is one of the original old witches in the forest who waits for tasty children to come to her cottage (which turns in circles on its chicken legs). She has metal teeth and hair as brittle as birch twigs, THUMP-THUMP-THUMPS through the forest in a giant mortar and uses her giant pestle like an oar, controls the Dawn, Noon, and Evening in the guise if there knights, one white, one red, and one black. She is a personification of Nature and is linked to Holda and Perchta; she is the dark side of Mother Nature. This oil represents Crone (especially the Dark Crone Warrior) energy and the line of Grandmothers, the passing down of the oral traditions, and accepting the beauty of aging in synchrony with the earth. The woodsy fragrance of Spruce and Birch will transport you to the chicken-legged cottage of the Old Dame herself! The oil will also help you to hear the voices of the spirits in the land and understand what they say.