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tg Romero St.

111 Romero Street


Grab - and - Go Farm Fare 

Open Daily from 11am to 4pm daily except CLOSED WEDNESDAYS

December 9th, 2023

 Hot Soups - $8

PORK POSOLE white hominy, hatch red chiles, pork, tortilla 

VEGAN POSOLE VERDE matt’s mushroom farm + full circle farm mushrooms, chispas farm eggplant + joy choi, vida verde farm kale + chard, hatch valley green chile, tortilla 

 Lunchbox Sammys + Burritos $6 

HUMMUS: Ihatov sourdough bread, hummus, Vida Verde Farm mixed greens, pickled Montoya's Orchard bell peppers + jalapenos

 CHICKEN SALAD: Ihatov sourdough bread, mary's non-gmo roasted chicken, montoya's orchard apples, housemade spicy mayo, Vida Verde Farm greens

 EGG SALAD: Ihatov sourdough bread, hard-boiled organic Yoder Farm eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, capers, red onion, celery, Common Kin Farm parsley, Vida Verde Farm mixed greens  

BEAN BURRITO Ness Farm pinto beans, Mago Farm Hatch Red Chile housemade sauce, cheese, Sabroso Foods flour tortilla 

  All items are made using the local farm fare and regionally sourced food we carry at tiny grocer ABQ. Most other ingredients are certified organic.