Tuerta Daily Menu

Thursday December 1st, 2022 

CURRY PUMPKIN SOUP sourdough $10

SPAGHETTI + PORK MEATBALLS lemon cream sauce $12

BLA! Bacon, Lettuce, Apple, Spicy Mayo, Brioche $12

KIMCHI QUESADILLA housemade kimchi, cheese, flour tortilla, tomato salsa $11



Daily Burritos starting at 8am:

Bean, Red Chile, Cheese

Tofu Scramble, Green Chile, Vegan Cheese

Bacon, Egg, Potato, Cheese, X-Mas

Egg, Potato, Cheese, X-mas


We make our Breakfast Burritos daily in-house using Flour Tortillas and Hatch Green Chile from Sabroso in the South Valley, Red Chile sauce is housemade using Mago Farms Hatch Red Chile pods, Beans are housemade pintos from Ness Farms, Eggs are certified organic regional eggs from Southern Colorado, Tofu is non-GMO/certified organic


Our Farm to Table Cafe is born from a partnership between Chef Liam Kimball of Tuerta and tiny grocer ABQ.

All items are made using the local farm fare and regionally sourced food we carry in the grocery. Most other ingredients are certified organic.

Lunch served Monday thru Saturday, 11am until we sell out

Brunch on Sunday 9am until 1pm-ish or when we sell out.

Sundays after 1pm will be a lunch menu for the remainder of the afternoon.