Wall Hanging - Stinging Nettle

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Linen Cotton Fabric, Hemp Twine, Poplar Dowels


Height: 27 Inches; Width: 18 Inches; Depth: .5 Inches


Vintage image printed on linen/cotton blend.
Sewn into a beautiful wall hanging. Mounted on poplar dowels and hemp twine.
Reverse side is unprinted, and the edges finished with a neatly sewn green border.

Perfect gift for an herbalist

Each Wild Card product includes a tag with an intuitive missive written by the maker.
Nettle comes with the following:

The dwarf, or burning nettle, is known for imparting a smarting cry on the
skin that is even more painful than that of its cousin, the common stinging
nettle. When brewed and imbibed as a tonic, however, she offers the body
powerful & soothing medicine. We owe gratitude to that herbalist who
navigated beyond the painful sting with simple gloves and curiosity, and
saw possibility in the plant beyond the pain. So it is in the heart - if we
can stay present and curious with what stings us, we may transform it into
what heals."

Handmade in my roving studio spanning Bellvue, CO & Albuquerque, NM.