Mountain Aven Herbal is now Old Town Herbal

Thank you for visiting! My name is Liz and I've been a certified master clinical herbalist since 2012 and a soap maker since 2008. I began making products as Mountain Aven Herbal in October 2014. In July 2019 I returned home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to open up my first brick-n-mortar shop - Old Town Herbal.

You can now find Mountain Aven Herbal under the brand Old Town Herbal. These are the very same products you know and love, simply with a new brand name. 

Find the Old Town Herbal brand products here!

All  products are still hand made, by me, in small batches. I use all of my products myself and believe in investing in the highest quality ingredients available so that each product is made simply, without any additives or synthetic ingredients. 

Over the years that I've been working with plants, they have opened my appreciation for the many unexplainable things about our world that historically fell into the realm of magic or spiritualism. I come from a science based background and have grown a great respect for the cross-over between intuitive folk medicine and the scientific basis for why a remedy works. I have grown a new and constantly evolving understanding of intuitive healing and the vastness of the unseen world. I incorporate these facets of my learning and myself into each batch of products that I make with great reverence and a very open heart. 

Mountain Aven Herbal is named for the Mountain Avens flower I fell in love with on the glacier fields in Alaska, where locals affectionately refer to the fluffy, wild-haired seed pods as "Einsteins". 

Mountain Avens also grow in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, which was where I lived for 18 years and called home when Mountain Aven Herbal began. Mountain Avens flowers symbolize childlike joy and just being ourselves without the need or concern for validation. 

Thanks to photographer Keith Williams for the use of the Yellow Dryas (Drummond's Mountain Avens) seed pods photograph used as my store cover photo (

A very special thank you to the late Debi Kennedy for my original Mountain Aven Herbal logo which I still love very much. I love you, Debi <3

Thank you for your continued support!