Desert Rose Bath Bomb

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"Desert Rose" Hemp Bath Bomb -Damascus Rose & Desert Sage Hemp Bath Bomb

To use: Add to your bath, breathe deeply and enjoy! Each bath bomb is hand made in small batches.

Made with full spectrum Hemp infused oil for healing, relaxation & pain relief; Ancient Sea Bed Mineral Rich Salts & Magnesium Rich Salts to promote deep sleep & glowing, soft skin; Moroccan Red Clay to detoxify & promote relaxation; Rose is calming to the heart and great for processing grief while Desert Sage centers and washes off the outside world. Both Rose and Desert Sage are antiinflammatory and help reduce stress in the body while clearing off the outside world to bring in blasssings.

- Redmond Ancient Sea Bed Mineral Rich Salts (from Utah)
- Magnesium Rich Salts
- Certified Organic Food Grade Citric Acid (for fizz!)
- Organically Grown non-GMO Colorado Grown Sunflower Seed Oil infused with biodynamic Hemp 
- Certified Organic Essential Oils (variations)

Not for consumption. Keep out of reach of children