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3 Wise Men Bath Bomb

Old Town Herbal

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"Three Wise Men" - Turmeric, Frankincense & Myrrh Hemp Bath Bomb

To use: Add to your bath, breathe deeply and enjoy! Each bath bomb is hand made in small batches.

Made with full spectrum Hemp infused oil for healing, relaxation & pain relief; Ancient Sea Bed Mineral Rich Salts & Magnesium Rich Salts to promote deep sleep & glowing, soft skin; Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory & for regeneration for joint health; Frankincense crosses the blood-brain barrier, brings peace, instills courage, helps the mind focus, centering to relieve chronic stress & anxiety; Myrrh brings awareness to the present moment & heals the skin.

- Redmond Ancient Sea Bed Mineral Rich Salts (from Utah)
- Magnesium Rich Salts
- Certified Organic Food Grade Citric Acid (for fizz!)
- Organically Grown non-GMO Colorado Grown Sunflower Seed Oil infused with biodynamic Hemp 
- Certified Organic Essential Oils (variations)